Ukraine, September 2022

They have been here for just a few days, their new home. But just for another few days. Hopefully they will find a more permanent home, somewhere in the Western part of Ukraine.

But as they fled their outbombed, burnt-down house close to the Eastern region of Donbas, they left all their economic means to pay rent for somewhere else. Autumn school start is approaching, their daughter needs somewhere to stay to be able to study. At least a stable internet connection to be able to hook up to her old class and teachers.

Vladislav and Natalia, daughter Maria, Dniepro


Odessa, beautiful architecture.


Military equipment from the West urgently needed. Where are the EU states? Why so reluctant to help?


Youths organized themselves to help rebuild destroyed houses. In the village of Ivanivka, several families had an extra work-force helping them clean rubble. Afterwards music and relax at a camp site near a lake


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